Can student with GAD be kept from graduating?

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i had an anxiety flair up at my clinical because of a situation that got blown out of proportion. a series of stressful events (i was sick, almost wrecked because i had a flat tire i didn't know about, and a few other personal issues) that occurred on my way to clinical caused me to be, well, stressed! some other students thought i was "acting funny" and should not drive home when end of day came. of course i was acting funny...i had a bad day! if stress qualifies for not being able to drive, how many people would be taking a taxi home?? it was pushed to an extreme point by a control freak until i felt attacked, and then had a real panic attack.

question is- i would love to tell my instructors about my anxiety problems, and that the way i was treated was unacceptable to anyone, let alone considering my emotional state, but im scared it will effect my graduation status. can they stop me from getting my license because i am sensitive and have anxiety? it is documented at my doc that i have depression, add and gad that i take meds does that qualify as withholding licensure? i know i should keep my mouth shut, but only reason i want to say anything is because i want them to know that if it happens again, im not on drugs or a psycho, or impaired, ect., and that i shouldn't have to be backed in a corner. what should i do?? :confused::uhoh3::confused:

Since your condition is being noticed at your clinicals to the point that fellow students are trying to intervene it then it MAY be time to talk to someone in your nursing program.

Choose wisely, an instructor, head of the program, a kind teacher, someone who seems to have some common sense, decency, be a good listener. Hopefully they are supportive, they should ask your permission to let other teachers or clinical instructors know of your condition on a case by case basis.

This has nothing to do with you being an excellent nurse or getting your nursing license. You cannot NOT get a nursing license because you are under a doctors care and taking prescribed medications.

Whether you choose to talk about this or not, you need to figure out how to deal with it or you will run into problems completing the program. And you had better get assertive enough to get your classmates out of your business and out of your face.

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