Can i still apply for job w/o BLS card?


I completed my training last week but havent received the card yet. what should i do?


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On the application, put "yes" certified in CPR. They will most likely not ask to see the card until you are hired. If they ask to see the card then give them the contact info on the instructor and they can verify you have completed the class.


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what if I get an interview before I get my CPR card?

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If you get an interview before you have the card, let the interviewer know that you have completed the training and are still waiting for the card to be mailed to you. Be prepared to have contact information for the program so the interviewer can call to verify if they want. Some may just ask you to bring the card if hired.

I didn't have my NAR in hand when I went to an interview because the Dept of health had yet to mail it to me. I explained that I'd applied and my application was pending, and was hired with that. My supervisor asked that I bring a copy of the certificate once I received it.

just let them know you did the class and just waiting its not a big deal as long as its completed is all that matters.


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my name is cheri..i just moved to the dc area and i had to apply for maryland and dc cna license. they are so close a year i would like to go to nursing took forever to obtain my license just so i could be certified in these areas