can i start applying to hospitals even tho i just passed the board the other day?

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i know i have a lot of competition, simply not enough hospital jobs for the thousands of RNs in the country. can i start applying to hospitals even though i found out i passed the board only the other day? i don't have a cartificate of board rating yet, no license, no PNA membership yet.

what's your experience guys?

It depends on the hospital if they allow you to submit those documents "to follow". I volunteered at the primary affiliated hospital of our school, the board of direectors of which are of the same family, so they allow us to volunteer.

MOST hospitals require BLS and IVT training even if you're just in for the "volunteer" work. So I suggest you accomplish these first. But I am not sure if you'll be allowed to have IVT even without your hard copy of license yet.

nope. you really have to wait for your oath-taking and your license to be released before applying to some hospitals. you could start by polishing your resume. :)

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I guess not. Hospitals would require your license, board rating, etc... And like what has been mentioned some hospitals would even require you to have some trainings such as BLS and IVT. While you can get your BLS training without your license, it won't be the same with IVT.

For now, if you can, try attending some seminars offered by ccnapi, pna, etc. And get some relevant trainings such as BLS and ACLS. You can also scout for a training place where you can get your IVT and maybe reserve a slot due to the number of freshly grad RN's trying to get IV trainings as well.

Hope this helps.


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My friend is a nov passer and she accepted in training in a secondary hospital. I guess it'll depend on the management.

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Th moment I passed NLE December 2006, I already applied to various hospitals. In PGH I had no problem back then. They just asked for the claim stub to be photocopied. Now, I have been working here at PGH for several years already.

Thanks for the replies!

I'm now looking for a place to undergo IV therapy training... sadly Lung Center requires a PRC license, while Heart Center's IV therapy sked is in April.

Would you guys know of a IV therapy sked for February/March, that doesn't require a physical PRC license?

gambutrol: is it true that you have to be a volunteer first at PGH for 6 months before even being considered as a staff nurse?

It depends on the hospital. But I remember a co-applicants who passed the hospital's exam but didn't pass the interview since she still don't have her PRC ID. It was a requirement that you have your ID (the number is important) before working.

NONONONONO!!! see the explanations above.

but if you have some kind of special quirks! I believe it's really possible.

2006 nursing situation is far more different than today. It's the worst.

Oh darn, the PRC card takes so long...I'm getting nervous and want to have a job...

my prc card landed in my hands after 2 months after my registration... :) patience is a virtue, dude. :)

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