Can someone transfer between hospitals in Inova health system during her orientation


Hi everyone, you guys have always been very helpful. I am asking this question for my friend who is either too shy or too afraid to ask. She is in her orientation with one of the hospitals in Inova system. her question is can she transfer to another Inova hospital while she is still on floor orientation. The current manager is not very helpful with the schedules or returning her emails although the team is great and she loves working there so far. it is just the schedule trouble right now is making her to think twice. My friend will be highly thankful for all your help.


roser13, ASN, RN

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I have no idea since I don't know what or where Inova health system is.

However, I would advise your friend to do a third think. If the "team is great and she loves working there," she should really not walk away from the orientation. Lack of "helpfulness" or timely emails on the part of a manager are not deal-breakers, in my mind. Great co-workers and a pleasant environment far, far outweigh emails or the schedule. And not to be dismissive, but perhaps an orientee's schedule & emails (how many emails, by the way?) are not first priority for the manager. Perhaps the manager's first priority is running the unit smoothly.

Think about it: How did the floor get to be so congenial if the manager is a failure?

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I would doubt it. Most places require you be in your position for 6months to a year before changing positions. Since your friend isn't even off of orientation yet, I seriously doubt they would allow it.


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Inova is in the VA/DC area. I concur with the above, she needs to stay put until she's off orientation.

Thanks a lot to all of you for replying so fast. I will let her know.

Thanks again.