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I have a question. I just graduated in May and just passed the RN state boards on Monday, which i'm totally excited about. here is my question, How can i give good patient care in 4 hrs at a LTC. I only work PRN and i'm the only licensed nurse caring for 35 patients?..I need some advise on time management!... I do have a med aid, thank God!

Thank you for your advice!!!

(i hope i made myself clear)

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Why just four hours? And not all your residents will be acute...don't let it overhwelm you

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there are days where i work 6-2 but they are needing to cover 6p-6a shift. they have someone coming in from 10p-6a so they need to cover 6-10 and that is

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I would make a quick round when I arrive to see if everyone is safe. Then I would determine what HAS to be done at certain times (change dressing? Give insulin? etc). I keep a grid with room numbers down one side and time across the top. Then I write in what I MUST do. The rest of the time is making sure everyone else does their job and charting. Do not hesitate to get advice from other nurses. They all have their own system and you will develop yours.

u basically dont provide "good care" or whatever is that you mean. this is the real world of nursing. you need to make sure your med aid is passing her meds, the cna's are cleaning pt's, getting pt's up for breakfast, dialysis pt's are fed and ready to leave facility for dialysis, paperwork for doctor appts are ready, accu-checks are done, every pt you have is accounted for (actually in building or you know where they are at). Most new nurses think nursing is holistic 1 on 1 for 30-45 mins on 1 pt. Not the case with LTC, most of them are not acute and the most you can spend with them is a min or 2, time will fly by and eventually you will set your own rythm, there is no 1 particular formula for time management, its trial and error until you find the 1 that best suits you

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thank you all for the advice... it is very much appreciated!:redbeathe

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Basically, you can't. You will have to learn very quickly to set your priorities and put out fires.

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