Can someone who hasn't had children become a Doula?

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unfortunately, i haven't been blessed with children. i was wondering if i could still look at becoming a doula?


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My awseome doula who I had for both of my daughters births is single and has no children. She is an *awesome* doula. If that's what you want to do- go for it! Doulas rock!! :D


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ABSOLUTELY! many OB nurses have no kids.....go for it!

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I've never been a terminal patient, but I'm darned good at caring for people in that condition, as well as their families. You don't have to have "been there, done that" to be a good caregiver........all you need is the desire and the willingness to work hard. GO FOR IT!!!!!! :yelclap:


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Why not? There are plenty of childess labor and delivery nurses AND doctors!

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