Can a shy student become an effective nurse?

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I just have a question. I am currently in nursing school and this is only my 3rd week into it. I love the idea of helping people and find the medical field exremely interesting. The more I read about it the more nervous I get. I am a very shy person, and worry that I will not have very good communication skills. Can I be a nurse and be shy, and can anyone give me any advice about communicating plus getting over my shyness. Or do you think I may be in the wrong field?:uhoh3:


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I'm a hospice RN and am very introverted.

Yes, I feel like I am an effective RN. I am comfortable around my pts and do best in a one-on-one environment. I'm a much better listener than talker, and as a result, my patients do most of the talking and I'm able to glean some pretty valuable information.

I'm sure you'll be great. Shyness/introversion is not a bad trait.

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My nursing teacher actually suggested hospice for my demeanor, but I'd rather work in critical care, I think.

tuahla, it is so funny that you mentioned how your personality might be better suited for a job behind a computer because that's what i did for 9 years! and I hated it. I posted earlier on this thread about how shy I am. Nursing is so diverse, there's a spot for you. Shy nurses get jobs all the time! Yes, many are extroverts but you will just be the introverted one like I am. As long as you do a good job taking care of a patient, that is all that matters.

I can't say enough about this forum, it allows us to come together and support each other. You are not alone :)

Over 30 years out of nursing school and I am still shy and quiet in most social situations.

More than anything else, I believe the thing to remember is that in nursing it's not about you, it's about the patient. Keep saying that "it's not about me."

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