can i be reported to the state?

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hi everyone,

so i graduated from nursing school this spring and passed the nclex this summer. i went on my honeymoon in jamaica and smoked some pot a couple times. now i'm trying to get job only to find out that pot actually stays in your system for months! here is my question-if i get an offer for a job and test dirty on my drug test, can i be reported to the state, even though i have never practiced as a nurse? or will the company just not hire me?



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It usually stays in your system about 30 days. No you won't be reported you just will not get the job. You will more than likely get blacklisted if that hospital is part of a network under the same name. If you get offered a job don't fail the test :idea::nuke:!!! Either wait it out or do something else Also no more pot :nono: its not worth it!

you will be fine dont worry. it only stays in hair a very long time, which is very expensive to test. Most hospital test urine, it should be untraceable in your urine two weeks after. if you are worried buy a home urine test kit and you can make sure it will turn up negative before you go in.:smokin:

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No one can say with certainty how long a drug will stay in the system in this situation. As you can see from the answers above, there are differing "opinions" on this.

As for not being reported to the BON, no one can tell you that you would or would not be reported.

We actually cannot advise you in the manner you require.

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