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can a re-entry nurse apply for a new grad position?

i am sort of a re-entry nurse, i finished my BS nursing in the philippines in 1990, didnt practice nursing for many years up until 2005 where i took a clinical refresher program in a big hospital in manila before i left for the US. I arrived here early last year, only worked for a month as homehealth aide because i only got my work permit mid of last year then i have to stop because i need to review for the CA boards, luckily i passed it last month and now have my CA RN license. I sent my resume to several hospitals offering new grad positions over the holidays but unfortunately i havent gotten any replies yet, just wondering if their new grad programs solely for recent US graduates only, anyone who can give me light on this would be deeply appreciated.


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Have you tried actually talking with a recruiter from any of these hospitals? They would probably be able to give you a far more specific answer than anyone here could. They may also be able to come up with some sort of individualized program specific to your situation (ie. not taking up a new-grad position, but provide you with the same orientation).

Good Luck

with 16 years or so of not working, and not any experience in the us, a new grad orientation would be the best for you. things have changed so much over here since you trained, let alone coming from where the training was different to begin with.

one major issue that you will find is that new grad programs only begin in feburary and july or so in the bay area, at no other times. they just have the two per year.

their programs are not for us grads only, but without experience as a foreign grad in that market you are going to find it quite tough to find something. they have an abundance of us grads applying since it is the highest paying area in the country.

with having a green card, you will have it slightly easier, but not by much.

wish that i could tell you more, but without at least two years of recent experience in a critical care specialty area, you are going to find it hard.

most positions for february are already gone as they start in the next couple of weeks.

******moved to international forum as it is more specific to that, with training out of the us.

Thanks suzanne for your advice, actually i already know that it is tough to apply here in the bay area specially for foreign nurses without US experience, im just taking chances,but i also sent my resume to some hospitals in LA, i'm hoping i could have a better chance there since LA is big and my family lives there, im the only one based here in the sf/bay area.

If you are willing to go about an hour or so from the Bay Area, then there are no issues with getting something and you can easily come to visit on your time off.

Cost of living is also much less out of the Bay Area, or the LA area.

If you are willing to go about an hour or so from the Bay Area, then there are no issues with getting something and you can easily come to visit on your time off.

Cost of living is also much less out of the Bay Area, or the LA area.

you were right, i got a phone interview from two hospitals about 50-90 miles from san francisco and they want to consider me, i was lucky because a recruiter from a staffing agency found my resume at Monster.com and contacted me, set up the phone interview for me. The thing though is my husband doesnt want to relocate, so i might just have to drop it off. But there's this jewish-owned nursing home/SNF here in san francisco considering me for employment, i was already interviewed and i will be taking my pre-employment physical this friday. I accepted their offer because they be will taking me under their RN Refresher Program which is about 8 wks in length, so i guess it will help me ease my transition from an inactive nurse going back to clinical setting, and i asked about the staffing ratio, its pretty okay compared to other nursing homes. I really wanted a hospital setting for a job here in the area where i live, but since im a foreign re-entry nurse and living here in the sf/bayarea where a lot of US grad nurses want to work, my chances are poor, so i just have to grab that nursing home offer because i need a job desperately to help my husband pay the bills.

My suggestion would be to take that position there, they have a fairly good reputation as well. And it will give you the needed experience if you wish to move over to a hospital later on.

Most of the time I do not recommend the SNF, but in this case, a definite yes for that one.

Pleae keep me posted on how things work out for you.

yeah i would definitely take the position once they make the final offer after the pre-employment physical, even the pay they're offering is less than the other hospitals who want to consider me outside san francisco, at least i know i would be in a facility that from what ive heard and what i could feel cares for the staff, and the good thing with their new grad program is they would do monthly assessments to check on how im progressing in the training, what are my concerns etc. and they would do that up to my 3rd month of employment, then after that i could be totally on my own, but still could have someone senior that i could ask for if i am uncertain about things from time to time. And my husband and i arent ready yet for relocation right now, it might be a hassle.

Congrats on your new job. Keep us posted.

Congrats on your new job. Keep us posted.

Yeah i will, thanks!

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