Can a nurse with a reprimand become a pa?


I have a reprimand pending on my lpn license. A VA nursing home made up allegations and i am now getting punished because of it. I'm fighting it but I think it's a loosing battle. I'm from ny and I am going back in 1 month and when I get back I want to go back into nursing but I have read nothing good about a reprimand. So making an executive decision and go into physicians assistant school. My real question is am I able to go into pa school and are they able to pull up a nursing reprimand. I want to put this behind me and this state. Can you help point me in the right direction I will be moving to Nassau/Brooklyn.

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In getting licensed for physicians assistant, they probably will find it. Most state regulatory boards ask about other board licenses and any actions against them. You do not want to lie to the state and get caught.

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You need to speak with your state license board regarding this. I also wouldn't do too much more until this is resolved.

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As mentioned this is something we can not help with. You really need to speak directly with the governing body but expect to declare anything and everything

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