Can Nothing by mouth lead to Constipation?


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Yes we learned about ADPIE and yes it is an ADN program. It was just that one CI that didnt really teach our group of 6. Everyone else instructor actually had a formal teaching of the care plans. The way he did it wasn't that bad it made us critically think, but did hurt me in how I need to word stuff and what terminology to use. I do have a NANDA book now Im just just trying to figure things out with it. can't make a good are plan without critical thinking. He should be sticking with the proper way of using NANDA to teach students the basics and adhering to the curriculum that the schools requires. Now your grades are at risk because he was a cowboy and didn't follow the proper curriculum. I am sure at the time it seemed like a good idea...however it will be difficult to catch up.

Let's use this as an example...tell me about your patient and the patient assessment. Let's go from there and see if we can fill in the blanks.

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Your instructor is not correct. The nursing diagnosis of Constipation is not the same as the one for Dysfunctional GI Motility (which is, after all, a better one for this patient). Although they have some defining characteristics in common, and a few related factors in common, they are defined differently. As to outcomes, what are other things besides constipation you observe as evidence that GI motility perking up? Use those for your outcomes and it makes a lot more sense.

There is only one "NANDA book," and that's the NANDA-I 2012-2014, $29 and free 2-day delivery at Amazon, or $24 and instant to your Kindle or iPad. If that's not the one you're using, you're cheating yourself and shooting some blanks. :)