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Can LPNs work with Pediatric patients?

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well in school for rn, but I if I can make it easier for me I would prefer to start from lpn nurse program since is not that hard like rn program, and then i want to become a pediatric nurse. This is my goal and im pretty sure i fit well in becoming pediatric nurse one day, I like working with kids.

I used work in a day care with bunch of childrens for 2 half yr and I have so much patience working with kids., now im woking in a dental office as a receptionist for 5 yr. I feel Is time for a change. I just think that sitting in front of the computer working with pts files, confirming, appt, speak to pt, ect ect there is no motivation in there, the good thing is that im the only employee at work no one else bother me, I work part time. And is great, but theres no future in working as a receptionist.

And I don't think I can deal being a medical office management, hearing workers complain all the time, and fired ppl, is just not me. But instead, I like to work alot with my hands, like in the nursing field. And my goal is to become a pediatric nurse. Can LPNs work with Pediatric patients?

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Yes LPNs can work with peds patients. They are used a lot in my area in peds clinics.

Are you currently in RN school? (I wasn't clear on that part)

One thing I am clear on is that LPN school isn't "easier" really, just different. It's a shorter program but in most states you are taught almost all of the skills an RN student learns just in less time. So that makes it fast paced. I think many people go into lpn school thinking it will be easy and they are in for a surprise.

Starting as an lpn is a good track to follow if you cannot quit work or go part time for two years for your RN. I hope it works out for you and you become the pediatric nurse you want to be!

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I am in LPN school. Trust me it is very difficult and as the above poster said, it's fast paced. To answer your original question, yes LPN's work with peds.

I know we have LPN nurses that work with our pediatric clients in Home Care

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LPN school is just as difficult as RN school. I don't think you quite understand that. I would do some research before becoming a nurse. It is a high stress job. Being in charge of an office and firing people is nothing compared to having people's lives in your hands. And believe me, I have done plenty of hiring and firing in my day.


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I think your views differ from reality. In my school, the RN program was a semester longer than the LPN program. Also, you will need to improve on your English skills in order to pass an English class. LPNs work with children, just as RNs do. Children can be more difficult than adults. Children crash faster. Kids dosages must be more exact. If you think it will be low stress, think again. Parents are difficult and never happy when their child is sick. Nursing is high stress.

I think you will be very disappointed. Keep reading these board and you will see.

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To continue to belabor the point: PN school is a very rigorous program; years do not make a program "easier" :no:; it is expected to understand and apply nursing information in a limited amount of time; same goes for an RN program; the onus is to have a base of vast knowledge, as well as be able to exercise the ability to critically think in high stress situations.

Nursing is NOT babysitting; in pediatrics, you are managing children with complex health histories and MOST health histories and baselines are not the average child; it requires a skill set to be able to look past their abnormalities and be able to exercise judgement when they do crash.

Also one is managing the family in Peds; dealing with complex families that have very complex situations; it's an art to have to manage those relationships as well; same goes for any area of nursing, actually.

Not sure how far you are in nursing school; what I will add it for you to remain objective and be able to hone the skill of critical thinking; those are two skills to possess that transcend and get you far in this business.

Best wishes.