Can an LPN work as a CNA/Med Tech in MO?


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I've worked as an LPN for over 3 years in a few different positions. Bottom line right now is I need to work days/12 hour shifts. Nursing homes are not my preference and in my area I can't seem to find one that offers 12 hour shifts. Most of the hospitals in my area do not hire LPN's or only a very limited positions. I really like the hospital environment so I would be willing to work as a CNA or Med Tech but don't know if this is allowed in the state of Missouri. Are there any LPN's doing this out there or do you know if it is even an option? Thanks!


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hi Deenurse 10, i would like to know the same. I am cna now but in the LPN program & would like to work a hospital position so that I can get the experience for when i go back for my BSN


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The state mandates you cannot work below what you are licensed for, so in a nutshell you can only work as an LPN not a tech or NA in the st. of MO