Can I work in VA using my DC license?

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i need help... :(

i was just wondering if i could use my dc license in working at va? i'm planning to look for a job in va, but i'm wondering if could use my dc license. i heard it's not a compact state and dc is just for dc, i need help confirming it.

i had my license by endorsement from ca and has been issued here in dc since may '09 but now i'm still looking for a job so i'm trying to see if i could use it in va or not. i already sent hundred of applications in dc and even gotten filled-up in internship programs..

thanks for all the help!

god bless...


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DC is not, at this time, a member of the NLC (Nurse Licensure Compact), so, no, your DC license is not good in any other state.

You can certainly apply for a VA license by endorsement, though -- you can hold as many state licenses as you are willing to pay for, and that's what lots of people living near state borders have traditionally done (maintain licenses in the neighboring state(s) in addition to their own).


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thanks for the info.

i guess i'll just have to stick on my dc license. i already had 2 (dc and ca) and until now i had no job, i'm getting frustrated. :(

thanks again

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