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Can I go for an NP at the UT Health Science Center with a BSN from an A&M branch?

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Well, Im a high school student in Laredo, Texas. I want to be an NP and get it at the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. My local University is TAMIU, and I was thinking of getting a BSN there, then going to San Antonio. However, Ive been told credits from an A&M branch dont transfer to a UT branch, i was wondering if that applied to this scenario.

Let me tell you a big secret that will help you with your career. Always go directly to the people who have the information you need, that is UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. No one else here has any idea.

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NOPE - Aggies will never accept UT credits - LOL :roflmao: Srsly, PP's advice is spot-on. The only source of accurate information is that school. We can only give opinions. My opinion of Aggies??? Well, you don't want to hear it because I am UT all the way!!!

But FWIW, both uni's are fully accredited - so gen ed courses will transfer. It's pretty much impossible to transfer clinical coursework because classes between different schools don't "match up" for equivalency. So, once you begin the clinical portion of your education, you have to stay put. But once you have that BSN, you can go anywhere else for your MSN.

Be sure you have a Plan B - nursing programs for those schools are super competitive.


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So, its best to ask the school. I've been to both UT and A&M and I am an aggie at heart


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It should not be an issue, especially if you complete the BSN. If you complete the BSN at TAMU, you have the degree, you work as an RN, and then you apply wherever you want for MSN/NP, including a UT Branch. If you are talking about getting pre-reqs at A&M and then going to UTSA for your BSN, that's a separate, but similar issue. Pre-req coursework from the first 2 years of undergrad may vary between the two schools, but anything that is applicable should count or transfer with minimal make up. The schools may have a rivalry, but they are professional institutions and I know many people who have been part of both systems with no problems, myself included.

That being said, contact both schools and discuss your options. Get a degree plan from both and make sure that pre-reqs match up, etc. Most of the decision will fall in whether you plan solely to get nursing pre-reqs or finish an entire degree at TAMU before pursuing MSN/NP at UTSA.