Can I get a nursing license with a DUI on my record

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I need your help. I'm 25 yrs old and got a DUI almost 3 yrs ago. Two of the schools turned me down for the nursing program and one accepted me. I was told the school would take my money, but in the end the State Board of Nursing would no alow me access to the NCLEX. When I called The State Boaed of Nirsing I was informed that a DUI would not prevent from becoming a nurse. I'm confused!

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Ive known a practising, licensed nurse with 3 dui's in iowa. A few of my classmates had dui's. I live on the border of nebraska and iowa and both those states will give a license upon review. The students had to write a paper about how they changed or something. It is completely up to the board though. It may take longer to get your att after. Our teacher told us that one student 2 years ago got a dui after graduation and was still waiting this year for her att. One girl had an assault charge, one had a dui, and one had minor in possession in our class. All were in the past a year or more and they got their att's maybe a week later.

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