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Can I become a nurse with a class c misdemeanor?

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In 2014 I got a Class C misdemeanor (theft) for taking a $4 candle from Walmart. Very stupid decision, I know. I made a bad call and had to deal with the consequences. However I was not arrested, but they gave me a ticket to appear in court. Once I got to court I had the option of a deferred adjudication and I accepted. However, when I had to pay my final court fee, I was late on the fee and the court took away my deferred adjudication and I was "convicted". All the attorneys I have spoken to have told me there is absolutely no way I can get this off my record. :-(

I am applying to nursing school next year, and I would like all the advice I can get about IF I can get accepted into a nursing school, and if I do, will I be able to obtain my nursing license from the BON upon graduation? And IF I do obtain my license, what are the chances, if any, that I can get a job as a nurse? (I live in Texas btw).

Please any advice would be appreciated as I'm really getting discouraged and disappointed in myself for a stupid mistake I made.


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Check the TX BON website. There should be information there that would be able to give you guidance. The best to you!

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as the PP stated you need to check with your states BON. Also you can check with the schools you are applying with. I have seen many of nurses with non violent misdemeanor and felonies even able to work and be licensed. Just depends on the charge and the state. From what I have seen the schools are probably gonna be more of an issue than the BON. But there are so many variables you'll have to ask them specifically.