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Can you do HH one day a week?


Has 9 years experience.

I am interested in HH but want to get my feet wet, really, and can't work much because of commitments at home. Is it possible to do this job one day a week at an easy pace? Just for some extra $$? Or do employers not like that? I am trying to get a feel for what I could realistically make without running my butt off, working one-two easy days a week? Can anyone give me an idea?

Yes it is very easy to do home health 1 day a week. RN's do a recert visit at the end of a 60 day episode. The visit and paper work must be done within the last 5 days. So you can schedule several to do on the same day, as long as they each fall in the 5 day period.

In my experience, one day a week staff would have revisits and an open, you would have to familiarize yourself with the majority of the patients being new to you, develop a logistical plan, make the visits and have paperwork and follow up completed by end of day. If you get lucky and most visits assigned to you are routine visits you've done before, the patients lived in fairly close proximity, you're following nurses who make the plans clear and supplies are pulled are pulled for you then it would be much easier.

I am working HH mostly a day a week. However, the office keep calling and asking if I can work extra. Sometimes I said no, sometimes I said yes

If you do extended care, you can schedule for one day a week on a case, no problem there. With the intermittent visits, you can limit your visits, but may have to field calls to pick up here and there. If you are comfortable with saying no, that should be no problem either.