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Can you help me with PHN?


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:uhoh3: sorry to bother you all with this but i am currently attending school to become an lpn, i am doing my rn after that. my question is, can i do public health nursing with an lpn license? in my program we will be learning to give injections and phlebotomy. would i qualify?

i wanted to post this under 'public health nursing' but the threads are dead & i figured it would get lost. :rotfl:

thank you in advance for any advice.


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Around here (Wisconsin) you need a Bachelors.


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Most places require a BSN or higher to do PH Nursing.


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You can get a PHN job as an LPN- I did. However those jobs are very few and far between. Also, as an LPN you will be extremely limited in what you can do. I really enjoyed PH, really regret leaving :crying2: The position that I held has beeen eliminated, they hired an RN to replace me since they don't have limitations. So.... short answer is yes, you can do PH as an LPN- but don't count on a position being there when you need it. Good Luck!



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Thank you all!! I guess i'll have to keep 'truckin' along in regards to my education. Public health nursing would be my ultimate goal. :)

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