can i appeal the licensing board


hello everyone,

I graduated nursing school 08/ 2010 within top 10% of my class . However , i had a felony theft charge on my record which was dismissed with the legal court system but because of my record i had to do an appeal to the board so that I could test .After filing the appeal my case was held until September of the following year in 2011. I wasn't given decision at the hearing that i could take the nclex till 02/2012 . Needless to say i took the test twice since then and failed. The 4 yr. graduation window has now lapsed for me to practice as an LPN and they are telling me i would need to take a refresher course to pursue licensing .

The problem is I wasn't given the opportunity of the full 4 years testing time as the other students beacuse my ability test was held for 2 yrs. with the nursing board .

and on the other hand I had been working as a MEd Tech for 2 yrs . administering/ ordering / filling/ and dispensing medications for the local hospital . wouldn't this qualify for work as an lpn ?


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I would take the refresher course and be done with it.


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i don't mid taking the refresher it's just I'm not in this field yet and i feel like it's already been a long road and if i dont necessarily have to take it why should I ?

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Yeah, but you did have 2 1/2 years to try, and you only tried twice right?

Take the refresher and increase your potential for passing.