Can anyone tell me what this means??

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Whenever I sneeze, I get an excruciating pain in my chest as if it's ripping apart. I've had this for about a year. I figured this just to be an anomaly, but it hasn't gone away. I have a doc's appt. in about a week and I'll tell him about it then. But in the meantime, do any of the brilliant nurse minds here at Allnurses have any ideas as to why I have such pain when I sneeze??? Thanks in advance. :coollook:


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Might be costochondritis. Do a search for more info. Feels good, huh?

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You bet it does. NOT!!


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I dont know the medical term for this but I have a friend that had something simular what had happened was that he had riped the lung off the chest cavity wall. Not fun.

do you sneeze often it might not have had time to heal.


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Is it just sneezing or does coughing, laughing too hard or other things cause this as well? This could be as simple as a muscle spasm or you could have a fracture or seperation, tear, etc. See a good internist (diagnostician)...that would be my advice...hope its something some imflammation that will respond to NSAIDS.

My mother had pleurisy as a chronic problem and she described symptoms like yours. But hers was chronic because of years of chain smoking, she never could quit either bless her heart.

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