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Iam a nurse working in PICU and Iam making myself very sick with worry. I continuously worry about making a mistake then I do, nothing life threatening I thank God. I gave my little cardiac patient 4.9kg her frusemide orally rather then IV I informed the doctor but therefore her fluid balance was abit postive at +116 where they wanted it negative. So have been worry myself silly since. I was wondering if anyone has any advice to help me cope and stop the worrying and stressing, because iam seriously thinking about giving it all up!!!

Thanks :o


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it would seem that if you gave the med orally instead of IV,

then maybe you didn't do the 5 rights - didn't check the "route"

so my suggestion is to learn from this

and always do the 5 rights

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Dont beat yourself up about this but definatley learn from your mistake. It would have been MUCH worse had you given an oral dose IV instead of an IV dose orally. I hope you reported it and that you never have to deal with this again.

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Try to learn and grow rather than be crippled by this experience.

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