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Hi everyone! A little about me: My name is Kristina and I have two beautiful babies, Paul jr 5 and Chloe Alexis almost 3. I live in Indiana and I'm 25 soon to be 26 next month. I recently decided to go back to school and I couldn't decide if I wanted to become an elementary teacher or a nurse. The reason I decided either was for the simple fact of wanting to be more hands on and wanting to help people. Ok, so I think I decided to become an LPN and I think it would be the best route for me. My husband works full-time at Toyota and I know becoming an LPN only takes about a year (give or take) and If I wanted to further my education to an RN I know I could still earn an income doing so. Right now I'm a full-time mom and only have my high school college experience what so ever. My questions for you are (and I really do apologize if these were answered already, I tried going through SOOO many threads and some of them were questioned and some not) anyway, I really don't know where I would start...I know I want to attend the LPN program at Ivy Tech in Columbus but I don't know (like I've said) where I start. Do I have to take any classes before I apply or are all the classes that I have to take in the program? Do I have to take some kind of test before they will allow me to apply to the program? I mean I really am lost lol. I'm nervous thinking and talking about going back to school because I've been out for 7 years lol. I know that I'm nervous about not being good enough to become a nurse but I DO know that I'm a kind person and I love helping people! I use to work at a place in my hometown in Ohio helping the physically challenged do a job (like count and make boxes for a company) to earn a paycheck. I know it wasn't a whole lot but I enjoyed seeing them be excited about doing a job to earn their own money, it was very rewarding. Anyway, I really appreciate you guys looking at my thread and helping me out. Best of luck to all of you in whatever you do!

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My advice is to place a phone call to Ivy Tech to get all your specific questions answered. I'm assured that an admissions representative will be pleased to answer all your questions, since the requirements for each program are so very different.

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Google IVTC (spell it out), navigate to the local campus (Columbus) page and click on talk to an advisor, you will get names and phone numbers and I believe you can schedule an appointment right there.

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