Can anyone help me with the evaluation part of a peds care plan?


Hi everyone. I'm in my third semester (yay!!) and were doing peds. I am having some trouble with my care plan because we have a different instructor this semester so her worksheets are different. This sheet includes an evaluation section for our care plans which we didn't have to do last time. I undetstand the evaluation of the diagnosis, she just wants to know if it's still current and I understand the eval for orders- she just wants to know what we did and how be patient responded. The part I'm confused about is the evaluation of the outcomes? What am I evaluating about them? My ND is risk for infection so my orders/interventions are the nurse using medical asepsis when in the room and handling her surgical incision and that the pt and her family will demonstrate how to clean the wound. Am I just just saying if those things actually happened? I'm so confused!

you should also have goals (short term and long term) for this diagnosis and you would evaluate the the outcome as compared to that goal.

Here you could have a goal that the patient would remain free of signs and systems of infection during the shift... your interventions would be how you would check for s/s of infection and/or treat if they do develop. Then at the end of shift your patient was free of any s/s of infection then that goal was fully met.. He/she spiked a temp that was lowered back to normal with a dose of Tylenol then then goal was partially met... wound red, warm, with purulent discharge then the goal was not met.

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Your evaluation is determining if the goals were met or not. Was the plan effective? Was anything missing that should have been included? Etc.

I guess that's why I'm confused bc we I only had her for a few hours and she was dc'd home

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Then you have to say that, and add what you think you would have seen or not seen had your interventions to prevent infection been effective. See? That's how you evaluate a plan of care, whether it's medical, physical therapy, dietary, or nursing. Did it work? How do you know?