RN might be working as a summer camp RN....

  1. Hi all, I have a few questions re: summer camp nursing.

    The main one being: If you're working FT and want to offer a bit of time for summer camp nursing, how do you do this? My schedule, like most of us in an ER, is not routine. My nights are varied, never a set schedule. I want to offer up some time, but not sure what the standard is for a camp. Do they have per diems that they call? On call? I work in an ER but thought summer camp nursing on my days off in the summer would be fun.... plus the kiddos can attend!

    Would like some info on a camps expectation of summer camp nursing for those of us (most of us, I'm sure) that have FT jobs.

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  3. by   MassED
    any thoughts, ideas, opinions... ANYONE that has moonlighted doing camp nursing in the summer?

    I've never met anyone who has done this.... I live in an area where there are a LOT of them....

    any ideas are appreciated - even if it's a friend of yours who has done it. I know nothing about this type of work and if anyone does it on call.... it does sound like a fun thing to do!
  4. by   bsyrn
    At my camp we do utilize per diem nurses to cover when the residental nurses are off or on very busy times like opening day. We do however prefer they work a full session ( 9-10 days residential) before picking up per diem time, that way they are trained prior to picking up time.
    Camp nursing is great, I highly suggest it.Your ER experience would be a great fit for camp nursing. If working a full session is out of the question, you might try and work with the nurses on a volunteer basis then once you know the system, work per diem.
    I know at my camp they do a background check and fingerprints of all the employees, I am not sure what the volunteer requirements are.
    Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.
  5. by   tiroka03
    Are they looking more for RN's or LPN's? It seems to me that a solid background in emergency care would be a good thing.
  6. by   bsyrn
    My camp prefers RN's but we do have a few LPN's who are fantastic. ER experience is a plus.
  7. by   MassED
    Quote from tiroka03
    Are they looking more for RN's or LPN's? It seems to me that a solid background in emergency care would be a good thing.
    I love your profile pic. I have ID codes (so great to be able to use this on the internet, very crafty) to use veriscan on my badge! haaa!!!

    I have heard from a few camp directors that RN's are always in need for camps. I haven't heard back from this camp director, but likely because I'm FT nights and can't fully commit because my schedule is not consistent. It does sound fun, but hey, can only work one FT job at a time!
  8. by   marybethm
    I am a former ER nurse who has worked for several years at a summer camp. I've worked with many different nurses and frankly feel that the ER prepares you the best for camp nursing. If you get a camp job, you have nothing to worry about. You will be completely prepared for anything that happens, moreso than any other specialty nurse. Good luck.
  9. by   SELnurse
    Hey! I am currently a nursing student and have 3 job offers as an assistant nurse at summer camps this summer. I am debating between two and wondering if anyone has any experience working at Lochearn Camp for girls in VT or Blue Star Jewish Camp in NC. If so, send me a private message to chat! Any experiences and advice is helpful and appreciated! Thanks!

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