Camp Nursing Resources

  1. association of camp nurses
    the association of camp nurses (acn) is a professional nursing organization working toward healthier camp communities by supporting the practice of camp nursing
    developed the standards & scope of camp nursing practice
    approved by acn membership in 2005, copies of this guide for nursing practice in the camp setting is a "must have" for all camp nurses

    website lists reference info, workshops and conferences, books, job openings and quarterly newsletter: compasspoint
    "the publication features articles related to camp nursing and camp health along with acn member information"

    aca:american camping association, inc.
    from accreditation, how to run a successful camp to educational resources and job postings, site has tons info.

    staff training tool sheets
    camp hot topics
    health care staff resources

    from camping magazine:

    the food allergy & anaphylaxis network
    source of epipen® trainers, recipes for special diets, answers to frequently asked questions, information about anaphylaxis etc.
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  3. by   Salemer
    Hi! I've been a camp nurse for 3 years and this year I'm running the show. Can anyone out there give me some guidance on what to touch upon during counselor orientation before the campers get here? I have the obvious stuff (ticks, hygiene, hydration, washing hands, med admin, health center hours) but is there anything else I should touch upon?
    Thanks in advance!
  4. by   TheSquire
    Are you tasked with doing Bloodborne Pathogens training for your staff?
  5. by   vampiregirl
    I can't say enough positive about the Association of Camp Nurses! I purchased a membership after accepting a position as volunteer nurse for a week this summer. The newsletters had lots of helpful info and back issues were available online. The forum wasn't super busy but I also gleaned some helpful tips and tricks.

    The Scope and Standards of Camp Nursing was updated this year. This really helped me understand the role from a professional prospective. I also purchased a "Camp Nursing Basics" textbook from the ACN.