Bringing children to camp

  1. I am wondering if there are many camps that will allow me to bring my own children with me? they will be around the ages of 5-11.
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  3. by   knzygrl2
    Most camps let you bring your children. Mine are 8 and 11 and they come with me and are regular campers. My camp I get paid plus I receive free tuition for my kiddos, which is really nice, but some camps will only offer free tuition, so you need to ask!! All of my friends who are camp nurses take their kids with them!! My kids absolutely love it!! We take off for 8 weeks in the summer and leave the hubby at home to fend for himself!!
    Monica, RN
  4. by   Neveranurseagain
    I too bring my kids to camp. When I first started, some camps would trade me tuition on ONE child and charge me for the other. At other camps, I brought both kids and traded tuition. Once I had a few years experience, I got paid and brought both kids. Now I get paid handsomely and bring my kids! But now they are 14 and 15, and are jr counselors.
    But get it writing or on a email. I've had friends that went to camps after being told both kids were free, only to be handed an invoice at the end of the week for one of them!
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