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Hello everyone. I am a new grad nurse recently graduating from ODU nursing program. I was in the navy NCP program and my first duty station will be camp lejuene. I was just hoping someone would have some information about the base, the people, the hospital, etc. I no its a small facility but if anyone has ever worked there and has info to share it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!!

Hi Dcassidy12I was A Marine stationed in 29 palms many years ago (like 15 lol). I am an RN now and all i can say about that base is that it was probably one of worst duty stations ever. But the relationships i formed with people on base have lasted a lifetime. 29 palms is a Marine Corps base that is an air and ground combat center. The few occasions i went to the naval hospital they were very nice. The town of 29 palms is very 70s. I have gone back to visit friends and nothing has changed except now they have more restaurants on base. It is a base where there are very few things to do. The heat is very hot due to it being in the desert. In the winter months its cools down like mid 60s. Walmart is like 1 hr away in a town called yucca valley. I wish you all the luck in the world. Make it a fun place and explore everything u can out there. You will definetely need a car out there. Everything is faraway. But best of luck and please take care of those Marines that train so hard out there.

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It is not nicked named 29 stumps for nothing. It is a big desert sandbox, no green anywhere.

Hi Bloom11. Thanks for the reply! You said you've been to the hospital there before, how are the facilities? I'm hoping the hospital itself isn't as outdated as the rest of the town ha. I hear it's where all the marines go to train before they deploy to the middle east and I've been told I'll probably see a good amount of trauma or accidents from training which would be good.

I literally was miserable when I found out I got stationed there, but I'm trying SUPER hard to stay positive! Im glad i will be able to help care for all the marines out there in the desert. I'm mainly just concerned about safety- hear there is a lot of crime in the area and break ins!

I'm just so confused as to why My detailer made the switch because I was under the impression it will end up costing the Navy more to send me out there and what not in the end.

Well the last time i went to hospital was 15 yrs ago. But even back then the facility was clean and nice. In regards to crime in area?? Back then i can honestly say that i lived on base and it was very safe there. I lived in barracks. If the Navy offers barracks for you and your single just maybe that would be an option. I always felt an uneasiness going out in town. For some reason the desert attracts some really weird people. Im sure Marines from many bases come and train there prior to deploying to middle east. But there will always be Marines and their families that live on base and i dont believe there is a close hospital nearby. But then again times have changed. I know when i was there i had to go to Balboa in San Diego to get treated. But like i say times have changed and hopefully 29 palms hospital can handle more things now.

Greetings. I've been Nurse Corps reserve for 16 years and I spent a year at NH Lejeune after being recalled to active duty back in 07-08. One of my many mobilizations in recently. It was a great year. I loved Lejeune and the surrounding area. The hospital is smaller compared to others but to me that's a good thing. Navy medical there is a very tight nit community.

The base itself has easy access and exit. Which is a nice thing. Some bases can take 30 minutes just to get through the gate. I rented a condo for a year on Emerald Isle and my wife and daughter came down to visit for the summer. They loved Emerald Isle. You may want to consider looking into that depending on prices these days and your housing allowance. Just look in the classifieds. It's about 20 minutes from the main gate.

I've spent time at most naval hospitals both INCONUS and out and if I had my choice I'd pick Lejeune over all of them. The areas surrounding the base are all nice and you won't find your typical row upon row of strip joints and tattoo parlors like you'd find outside the gate at other bases.

To sum it up I'd say you're going to love Lejeune. The active duty staff members I became close friends with had all been there for multiple tours. I know of no one who wanted to finish their tour so they could move on. I tried to re-up for a second year however the reserve side said no, they only needed me for one year.

Best of luck, and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.




I am recently in the process of applying to be a RN in the reserves , I met with my recruiter again today ,, I was wondering if you could give Me some advice or knowledge on what to expect also maybe pros and cons of that navy nursing career ?

Thank you

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