calling those that passed and used NCSBN site


I am wondering if there's anyone that used that site as one of the tools and how prepared you felt with it?

I'm finding that using Davis and Saunders in reviewing is becoming overwhelming and I love how simple NCSBN breaks down the material to just focus in on what you need. ( I don't care for Kaplan and have heard pros and cons so I understand that's the greatest for some, not for me)

I am doing a bunch of q's around 150-200 per day. But I'm getting nervous my exam is Sep 10th and I feel like it's impossible to really know everything in the review books and getting bogged down in the details can break you.

I only found one past thread that said she used NCSBN and it was most like the question style, she even commented that Kaplan was over the top but not really necessary in her viewpoint so I'm wondering about other's experiences.

Thanks much


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I used Saunders and the NCSBN questions to study for the NCLEX-RN.

I wish I could tell you whether Saunders or NCSBN was more like the NCLEX, but I can't. I was so nervous and worked up when I took the NCLEX that it just seems like a blur now. All I remember is I had a few SATA and no med calculations.

I took it June 29th, got 75 questions, and passed.


I purchased the NCSBN, the 3 weeks one. Honestly, it did not help me that much. I used Saunders 4th ed Q&A, Saunders 3rd ed. comprehesive review etc. I thought that the NCLEX-RN resembled Saunders.

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I used the learningext ncsbn . It helped me organize my study content . if you are comfortable with it . stick to it . dont go jumping from one reviewer to another . focus on one then do questions on others . saunders is more of physiology to me . Nursing is holistic and covers a wide area of science . ncsbn is way to go

and not all people know about learning ext . and I passed


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What works best for you might not worked best for others. My own suggestion is to search for a more comfortable NCLEX review guide. You've no much time to waste on review. Stick to what you think will make you excel in your test. Actually all review book is the same. I have a whole bunch of them , they are all the same. But you make a good suggestion using NCSBN to review for NCLEX, but make sure you understand your content!! NCLEX TEST YOUR SKILLS AS A NURSE!! If you think you can digest and understand your content, why investing so much on NCLEX review!! Am sorry if am..........:thnkg::sofahider:argue:. Wish you all the best!!

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