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Calling any Moms in Nursing School


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Thanks again for all responses!

Tmills, I ONLY applied to GSU's accelerated program due to shortest duration, ease of getting there from NE Atlanta, PRICE, and program reputation. I know I won't regret it!

If you don't mind, what is the price and duration?

KSU is 16 months and between $17-20k for the program.

GSU would be easier for me also, I live outside Douglasville.


I go to Darton College in Albany,GA. It is a 2 year program to get your ASN. So far it has cost me about 20,000 and I have 3 semesters to go. I have loved Darton!!!!! My plan to go on and get my MSN after graduation. That will be a 2 year bridge. I have alot of people in my class from ATL. They drive all the way to Albany or Cordele for class or clinicals because Darton has the highest pass rate for the NCLEX-RN. We started testing for the NCLEX-RN our very first semester and they send out review packets for the areas you need to review. Good Luck!:nurse:

Yup, me too. Two degrees and going back...again...with children...at 40 years old. I have found it difficult to find a job with my degree and have decided to pursue nursing...starting this fall, having to retake those science prerequisites since it's been eons that I last attended school! Here's to us all for dreaming big and setting a good example for our kids!

Anyone in Northwest GA applying to BSN programs? It seems that the closest program is KSU, but am I missing any other programs closer in GA? TN tuition is tooooo much.:jester:


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You are absolutely right!!! Our kids need to us doing these things. :)

You might want to check University of West GA. I applied there because they did not have a time frame on your sciences, and my science classes are 10 years old. The good thing about there program is that they take the three highest science grades. I was accepted into there program which is great because I was rejected by Kennesaw and North GA. Also you can take the TEAS test numerous times at West GA unlike other schools. I recommend that you apply to more than one school. Also, Clayton State and North GA doesn't have a time frame on your sciences.

Anyone considered moving away from their family to attend a program? I live in North GA, have parents in Augusta, so I may consider applying to MCG. However, that means I would have to move my daughter and I to Augusta leaving hubby behind. Not the best situation, but we don't have any backup babysitters/daycare for our daughter here in North GA....so, it would be nice to have grandparents to care for her when she is not in school. ???????? Thoughts?