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California to Washington RN License

Hi all,

I'm a california RN that has accepted a job in Washington State that starts on 10/26/2020. They said that my offer will be rescinded if I don't have an active Washington RN license by the start date. I sent my request for verification of licensure to the CA BRN on 7/31 and was wondering how likely it is that I'll have my license (even a temporary one) by 10/26. Has anyone else with a CA license gotten WA licensure by endorsement and if so, how long total did it take you? This is my dream job and I'm so scared that I'll miss out on this opportunity because my license won't be active by then!! Thanks in advance!

Tiana Davis

Hi Tiana,

I transferred from another state and received my license within a month. I hope you get your endorsement soon!

Good luck!


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