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I am currently a nursing student in my last semester of school in Idaho (graduate December 2010). I would like to take the NCLEX and work in California. I have tried to contact the California State Board of Nursing to get some kind of direction but have left numerous messages and have never been called back. What is the best thing to do in this situation?


It will be very difficult for you to have them contact you back due the high volume of applicants/callers to the CA BON. They simply don't have the time to call individuals back. If you want to keep calling, just keep doing so until you are able to talk to an actual person because leaving a message and waiting for them to call you will be the least productive thing you can do unfortunately. Even emails seem to get lost when sending it to the CA BON.

What are your specific questions? The application packet has instructions that are pretty straightforward(from what requirements they'll be asking for to the types of fingerprinting etc etc) with checklists to make sure you have everything.

Finally, congratulations on finishing school:)

Go to the BRN website, download and fill out the application for a license, or fill it out online, following the instructions given online. That is all you have to do. You can take the NCLEX in Idaho for a license in CA. The only problem you might have, and I don't know this for certain, is if you need to provide a CA address at this time. I don't know about that. Just do the application and see what happens.

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