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since there have been so many threads started on this, thought that a sticky would answer most questions about this. 1. you must endorse to california, you do not transfer a license. you will... Read More

  1. by   linds1107
    Hi! Does anyone know if you can transfer from a community college in florida after starting the nursing program to a community college in Cali?
  2. by   DarkLotus
    Does anyone know about out of state CNA certification and reciprocity in CA? I have an active certification in WA state and want to start working here in CA but don't know where to begin! Thanks
  3. by   cassy25
    Hi Im a foreign graduate of nursing and the bon denied my eligibility to take the test because they want me to take extra units in med surg and ob. sadly there is no school offer that here so Im thinking to apply in other state and then apply for reciprocity here in cali. Is anyone here know a state that I can apply for nclex that will readily accepted by cali? tnx
  4. by   Cmatt13

    This thread is quite old--the last entry was in 2010. I'm going to be applying for my CA license (I'm currently licensed in IL). I'm also applying right after my BSN completion--I'm an ADN now.

    My question is this--is the initial information on the "sticky" still accurate? Also, do you happen to know if I need to submit transcripts from both my ADN program as well as my BSN program? And do I have to submit an official copy of my NCLEX results??

    Thanks for your time!
  5. by   sweetgurly25
    i have a question where specifically did you get you livescan done. was in the BRN building in CA or did they direct you to another Department in the city to get it done. any guidance will help