West coast university BSN vs Cypress College ADN

  1. I am veteran student and cost fortunately is not an issue. Where would you go??I was accepted into the Cypress College ADN and start Jan 13. I recently discovered West Coast university BSN accelerated program. Cypress is established with great reputation and good nclex passing rates. West Coast is new and heard many bad reviews but they are WASC and CCNE accredited. Any suggestions
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  3. by   californiarnbsn
    I went to WCU and enjoyed their program. It is expensive compared to others but I feel like it was well worth it. They also have a Sim Lab which some schools do not have that alone is one major benefit to the program. Even though it was the most nerve wracking experiences to go through i truly learned the most from each time I went through them. Since it is a newer school the reputation is still growing. The reviews you hear about it are mostly written by students who actually failed out or didn't keep up with paperwork. The thing with WCU is that you have to be able to study very well. It is an accelerated program and you must be able to keep up with the pace in order to survive. It gets hard at times but there are so many programs the school offers plus other students who are willing to help your succeed. You just have to use them and keep up on everything yourself. I had an awesome time there and I would suggest it if you are confident that you can keep up and are able to ask lots of questions!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I would attend Cypress College due to the excellent reputation in the healthcare community, respectability, and solid first-time NCLEX passing rates.
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    @ TheCommuter: Do you think the ADN with the great reputation will have better opportunities than the BSN with not so good reputation. It's such a hard choice to make I have been told by many BSN is always better because you'll be more marketable Such a hard choice. My heart is set on Cypress but BSN sounds so enticing.
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    Remember that the BSN is coming from a for-profit trade school. Some employers may wonder if you took that route because you could not get accepted into a community college, Cal State, or UC.
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    How has your job search been?? And how long did it take you to find employment?? If it is not to much to ask for. Thanks
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    Quote from mgomez41
    How has your job search been?? How long did it take you to find employment??
    Although I am originally from southern CA, I have been living in TX for 7 years. And I am not a new grad. I have 6+ years of experience (4 years as an LVN and the past 2 years as an RN). So I am not one of the new nurses in southern CA who has been struggling with a job search.