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I am from Hawaii and really interested in transferring to WCU asap. I've taken the majority of all the pre-reqs but not sure if the pre-reqs I've taken here are equivalent to the classes at WCU. So,... Read More

  1. by   piinkk
    Quote from kmillersocal
    Hello All,

    Did any of you have any luck with WCU? Meaning, did they actually take most/all of your previous course work?

    The reason that I ask is that my advisor will not give me an answer. The only course that I do NOT have is micro. I get the feeling that they do everything in their power not to approve many of our prior courses. I do hope that I am wrong, but they are for profit. I met with the dean and he would not verify that all of my courses would transfer in (although they mirror their courses exactly) He basically asked me some questions, marked my transcripts and had them sent to the transcript dept.

    I am a post 911 GI bill student with 24 months worth of benefit. According to my calculations, I should only have 73 credits to take for the LVN-BSN program, which would make my program right at or under 24 months.

    Any advice from current students is greatly appreciated :-)
    Yea they took most of my pre reqs but that was over 3 years ago. They don't only look at the class, but also the amount of units that class is worth. good luck
  2. by   LVN/RNBridge
    Hi pinkk,

    Thank you very much for your response! I did look at the courses and the credits in which they are worth. I have a biochem class, but is only 4 credits, where WCU needs a 5 credit. Other than that, all courses meet the same credit requirement. I guess we will see what happens.
  3. by   piinkk
    Np good luck!
  4. by   LVN/RNBridge
    Thanks Piinkk,

    Took and passed HESI yesterday, then received the projected classes for my course of study :-(

    All I can say is " UGH!!!!" Not even close to what I should have received credit for, but I have not given up hope.

    Just in case, keeping my options open for the other schools that I have applied to.
  5. by   MusicEMT
    What classes did they not accept?
  6. by   LVN/RNBridge
    Oh goodness, I would say less than half.
  7. by   nomsa
    They do that sometime but some of the course you need to argue with them b/c they might need you to retake the classes that you don't need. They gave me some credits after I question them the defferences between the courses and my community college course catalogue. Later they gave me the credit. I sorry to hear that, try other schools.
  8. by   LVN/RNBridge
    Hi Nomsa,

    They requested a couple of syllabi for courses in consideration. Yes, I know that many colleges do this, however, the courses that I submitted have the same number of credits, same curriculum and some even the same name.

    Are you currently enrolled? what term and classes are you taking?
  9. by   nomsa
    Yaap! I am enrolled and this is my second semester (BSN program) and I will finish next year August. You need to ask them to explain the difference or if possible get that school catalog from the school that you went to. I had such a problem at the beginning and I provided them with my CC catalog and then compared with what is written on their website, finally they gave me my credits otherwise I would have repeated four classes there lol.
  10. by   LVN/RNBridge
    Congrats on getting your credits!

    I actually submitted course syllabi from the start and also drafted a letter stating that I did a course by course review, so we'll see what happens.
  11. by   socchangl
    The HESI is very simple, including math. It's just mainly addition, subtracting, ratios, multiplying, dividing... you can get the HESI prep book from the campus, they let you borrow it to study for a week! Grammar and vocabulary was very easy! Reading was easy as well... just a lot of reading. But it is not bad at all! Don't freak out, I just took it and passed with an 85 and I barely even studied lol. Anyone can pass it
  12. by   bnw06003
    Has anyone done the lpn-bsn course here???
  13. by   marthebis
    can you state how much you are paying since you were able to transfer the cc courses over?