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Hi! Has know the interview process at Washington Hospital in Fremont? I had my 1st interview and will now have the 2nd interview. The lady who called my said i should anticipate being there for 3... Read More

  1. by   mmichellef
    I thought that it was kind of strange too..I was thinking that maybe they would just include it in our profiles so that later when theyre going over our apps and interviews they remember who we were..like their way of putting a face to the name (Literally! haha)
  2. by   chairol
    I interviewed with WHHS last summer. They ask for a pic so they can remember faces. there are two rounds of interviews. the first round is 4 candidates interviewed by a panel of nurse managers and the new grad program coordinator. This lasts for about an hour as candidates go through rounds of questions taking turns. If you make it past the first round, the second interview is a large group interview. kinda strange. good luck everyone. I did not get the job b/c i did not graduate yet at the time and still would of have one semester to go when the new grad program started (i am in an ELMSN program). good luck everyone!
  3. by   mmichellef
    Thank you for the info chairol! That second interview sounds pretty interesting..I have not heard of a 2nd interview being a large group interview..hmm..good luck with the rest of your school and thanks again!!
  4. by   nky30
    Please I'm trying to get a job there. I applied but haven't gotten. Reply yet
  5. by   patientadv
    ..curious, is it true they were only considering applicants with BSN's? Those of you who received calls for interviews, do you have your BSN?
  6. by   mmichellef
    Hi patientadv...I'm not sure whether that is true or not..I was called for an interview and I have a BSN.
  7. by   eaRN
    They only accept RN's with a BSN.
  8. by   chairol
    yea, i BSNs only. They are going for magnet, so only a percentage of nurses can have less than a bsn.
  9. by   caliotter3
    Good luck to everyone trying to get on there.
  10. by   slowrunner
    did anyone get a call back for a second interview yet? I heard it'll be 2-2.5 hours. I wonder what we would be doing...
  11. by   trish8503RN
    The 2nd set of interviews (at least the last round of them) were in a group format. It was basically 3 hours of team building with all 50 interviewees and problem solving on a case study. I think they are looking for people that have good critical thinking skills and people who can work well in a team!
  12. by   slowrunner
    oh wow, that sounds crazy! i'm trying to imagine all the candidates trying to work all together..i wonder if they will split us into groups. anyone get a call back? I interview yesterday and got a call back today! i'm very thankful and nervous. good luck to everyone else!
  13. by   GoldenBear2
    Got a call this morning that I got the job! Woohoo! Anyway, just wondering if there are others out there who got calls... would love to exchange contact info or possibly meet up before we start in a month! Yay!