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Hey everybody, I didn't see a thread yet for the Summer 2013 cohort for USF Masters Clinical Nurse Leader Program so I decided to make one. The application deadline is coming up and figured it... Read More

  1. by   aggiepack177
    Congrats to all of you who got in!! For those of you who have been accepted, would you guys mind giving a background of yourselves just so the rest of can get an idea of the people USF is accepting. Things like GPA, work experience, degrees, or anything else that you think made you stand out. I have a hunch I do not have enough clinical experience for this type of program so I'm really interested to see if that may be true.

    Thank you to those of you who feel comfortable sharing!

    For those of you still waiting to hear back, hang in there and good luck! =]
  2. by   nicole19
    Hi Everyone!

    I think this is my first post here, but I have been checking in on the thread from time to time. I got my acceptance phone call on Friday around 5. Excited!!!! Congrats to everyone else who got in! I can't wait to meet everyone! For those who haven't heard back, I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you all! Good luck and I know everyone will end up somewhere great.

    @aggiepack177 - I have a B.A. in Public Health from UC Berkeley, 3.3 GPA, and volunteer experience at clinics serving low-income and underserved population and non-health related community service. I felt I didn't have much health-related experience as well because I actually never volunteered in a hospital before. Hope that helps a little.
  3. by   JS88
    @aggiepack177: I have a B.A. in Psychology. My undergrad GPA was 3.3 and the pre-req's I took after were 3.9. I've interned/worked with students who have disabilities and volunteered on and off at hospitals for several years in different departments (UCSF and SF General).
  4. by   Madrid.navarro2sad8i
    @ lolibear - If it makes you feel any better, I will also be primarily using student loans to pay for school, so I'm nervous about making sure I can work it all out before we start next month! Actually, after talking things over with my husband, financial aid is the thing I'm most concerned about.

    Also, (kind of random, but...) does anyone know if the school holds a white coat ceremony prior to the start of the semester? I'm sure a lot of the stuff that's crossed my mind will be addressed in packet, but I thought I'd ask anyways
  5. by   bboykenshin
    Good morning everyone! Please keep us in the loophole if anyone got accepted today, yesterday, or rejected! I want to know the flow of this

    Call us already! Please. Haha!

    And congrats again to all that made it in !
  6. by   sonnieeeeboi
    congratulations to all that have been accepted! I'm still waiting for some type of answer from USF. I'm wondering if they would just forego sending any rejection letters.
  7. by   AlltoAll
    Hi All,

    Just wanted to give a heads up that I called the office this morning and I was told that not all decisions have been made and that they are shooting for the end of the month. So there's hope!
  8. by   ScoobyWong
    Does anyone know if all calls of acceptances are done?
  9. by   ScoobyWong
    Thanks Alltoall for calling
  10. by   Megan5656
    I called this morning and they said acceptance calls started in Friday so I'm hoping for more calls going out today ...good luck all!!
  11. by   nicole19
    @lolibear. I have the same question about the white coat ceremony. I researched it and didn't find anything. I was admitted last cohort as well and it wasn't addressed in that admission packet. I'm going to e-mail them and I'll let everyone know.
  12. by   Madrid.navarro2sad8i
    @ Nicole19 - Yes, please share what you find out! I know for some schools a white coat ceremony is more of a "medicine" tradition, but I know of many MSN/nursing programs that hold ceremonies as well... Just Curious

    Fingers crossed those still waiting receive happy news today!!!
  13. by   bboykenshin
    Hey there alltoall. What was the number you called? I want to call just to see what they would say too. Thanks in advance!