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Hi everyone! Is anyone applying to San Francisco State's program for fall 2012? I haven't seen any threads on it... Just wondering since apps are due in a few weeks!... Read More

  1. by   SF_RescueNinja
    Quote from athinapatel
    Hello Ms. chia,
    I guess that's true about science. I just did not liked the reading comp. I liked the Science a lot, b/c that is what I studied hard in college. By the way, how did you do on TEAS V verses TEAS IV? Are you applying to SFSU for fall 2012?
    I remember I actually did slightly better on TEAS V by a few %. Must be the content? I got an 84 but could have studied more. I applied for Fall 2012 as well but not my 1st choice for nursing school. Would still love to get in and if I do, there will be a lot more things to think about like a job, housing, etc.

    How do they notify you of your status? Email or snail mail?
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  2. by   Iamgonnabeanurse
    Hi there, I am also a SFSU nursing applicant!
    Overall GPA 3.32
    Pre-Req GPA 3.68
    TEAS VersionV 90.7
    112hours of volunteering at hospital
    Fluent in second language
    It's my first time applying for nursing program and I have no clue
    I am so scared!!!!!!! Going nutty waiting ......
    Anyone can give me some idea whether there is any hope for me to get in?
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  3. by   chichibaby
    It's hard to know what they're TRULY looking for because it depends on the rest of the applicant pool applying with you this year. Also I've read on SFSU's website that for overall GPA the average is about 3.5 while for prereq GPA it's a 3.7. According to that, your stats are pretty decent and competitive! Just keep trying and don't give up hope It's my first time applying for nursing programs as well and I am crossing my fingers like crazy for SFSU!

    Hopefully I shall see you all there this upcoming semester<3
  4. by   SevenofNine
    I am also an applicant to the BSN program at SFSU, fall 2012...

    I've been following this thread for a while now---I was reluctant to join in because I have myself wound up about this already---but I absolutely cannot contain myself any longer! I can't wait for the next few weeks to pass, this wait is killing me!
  5. by   chichibaby
    Gosh, I am such a nervous wreck. With letters coming out so soon, I incessantly check my e-mail and do not want to go anywhere but stay home and wait for the mailman. But good luck everyone! I hope we all get in!
  6. by   Spiffyness
    I thought we don't hear back until the end of April am I wrong ? :O
  7. by   Lame
    Based on last year's thread, it seemed like people found out at the end of March. I'm soooo nervous!
  8. by   SevenofNine
    Yes, that is what I surmised after looking at previous years' threads. Let's all think good thoughts! Does anyone live in the city? I live right down the street from SFSU...
  9. by   SF_RescueNinja
    Ahhh I'm so :uhoh21:

    @SevenofNine: That's awesome! I'd love to relocated to SF... heard SFSU parking sucks but of course that's the least of my worries...
  10. by   SevenofNine
    yes. Parking does suck around campus; However, muni (public transport) is excellent. There are many options. How many of us on this thread have SFSU as their top choice? It is definitely mine !
  11. by   Lame
    It's my 2nd choice, I THINK. I'm really hoping I get into Sonoma. =)
  12. by   tiger07
    Has anyone gotten any updates/news?! I'm a nervous wreck just waiting around!.... I check my e-mail & this thread like every 30 minutes. Anyone else guilty??

    @ Sevenofnine, SFSU is definitely in my top 3! I hope I get in or at least get on the wait list! I have doubts though....I'm from socal & I have Nutrition IP. Bummerssss.....
  13. by   Mila3791
    Hi there!
    I am a bit nervouse too! I keep checking my SFSU account in hopes to see any updates
    Nothing yet Hopefully by the end of this week... Did anybody tryed to email or call the nursing department to find out when they'll mail desigions?
    Just try to stay positive!