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Hi everyone! Is anyone applying to San Francisco State's program for fall 2012? I haven't seen any threads on it... Just wondering since apps are due in a few weeks!... Read More

  1. by   SF_RescueNinja
    Does anyone know if we HAVE to get titers? I got a TDAP shot recently but it seems like the forms require a titer...
  2. by   meekmeek62
    Hello ALl! I just got into Cohort 10- I am so excited! I was wondering if there was anyone looking to sell their old books (I know I am early out the gate, but better early then never!)- I don't start until the end of August, so if you are currently using them now, but know you won't be by then, I can certainly wait
    Also, I do know that it is $300/unit. Off the top of your head, can anyone tell me roughly how much tuition was just for the first semester (or for the whole year if you happen to have that)- I am not sure if clinical hours/rotations are counted as $300/unit too...

  3. by   CharmantUn

    Normally I'd say you have the right idea to get the books now! BUT SFSU is actually changing their whole academic program starting with your cohort (example: Med Surg will be in the final two semesters instead of just the second semester). It is very up in the air right now what your books will be as well as how many units you will have your first semester to calculate the total cost of your tuition per semester. Hang tight for now. If it really bugs you that you're not doing anything, start reading Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills by Perry/Potter. No guarantee that you'll be using that book in the first semester like we did, or that you'll even have Skills Lab during the first semester, but it was always referred to as "the bible." We also used Calculate with Confidence--we were expected to do that book on our own to be prepared for a math test every semester. Don't know if that will change.

    Other than that--congratulations on getting in and starting your new adventure! I recommend starting a new thread on allnurses.com for your Cohort....