San Joaquin Valley College?

  1. Anyone have any expererience with or know anything about this school?

    I've posted about my situation on here before but to recap long story short I recently applied to my local community college's programs (4 programs) with an unfortunate 3.2 gen ed gpa & a 3.9 science gpa. I'm hoping & praying for the best but preparing for the worse.

    I work as a receptionist at a local hospital who just hired quite a few Sjvc new grads & who has employed their graduates for a few years now. I was spreaking to a few of the new grads & they told me their monthly loan payments are $400 & most of them are coming out with 40-50k in debt. I realize it is A Lot of money but if I don't get in anywhere within a year I might pursue them. After speaking with another Sjvc grad who graduated in 2013, I learned that she was able to pay off her debt in 3 years (although it was hard) & she just got her BSN through Western Governors University. This seems like a good option for me if I don't get accepted anywhere within the next year but really want to hear from some grads or anyone really who has heard anything about this program.

    Thank you in advance!
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