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Starting a new thread for the Spring 2011 SMU applicants for the Sacramento Campus and all others as well. Post your stats, any other important information you might have heard about the... Read More

  1. by   cerobbin
    Hello folks,
    I spoke with ------- yesterday (Sept 13th) from SMU in Sacramento and was told that we will prob know whether or not we got into the ABSN program in Sac in about 3 weeks. Best of luck to everyone!
    ~Chelsea :-)
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  2. by   runningbabyrn
    Chelsea - thanks for that update! That's exciting news!! Good luck all!
  3. by   hercules2000

    I too applied for the Fall SF campus and was waitlisted. When you spoke with the counselor, did you ask what your waitlist position was? I'm just wondering if they are still pulling people from the list...
  4. by   tiss
    How about the CM, do anyone know how people have got in ?.
  5. by   cerobbin
    I just found out the other day that I am on the waitlist for CM for Sacramento. I'm position 9 out of 12. I'm thinking the chances aren't very good I'll get in. A friend of mine found out last week he got in for the CM program in Sac.

    With respect to the Fall SF admissions, I am not sure how things work down there. Was that for the ABSN?

    Has anyone else heard anything about being waitlisted or had any experience with waitlisting? I'm just wondering how fast they usually move through the list.

    ~Chelsea :-)
  6. by   cerobbin
    One more thing about CM: For Sac they are taking 20 people for the program and 12 were waitlisted. They interviewed over 40 people. Not sure how many applied to CM, FNP and ABSN.
  7. by   ilnurse15
    I know that they interviewed like 43 for the FNP program and from what I can read on the website they take 24 or so. Also how did you find out that you were on the waiting list? I only applied to the ABSN and the FNP and I have not heard anything yet.
  8. by   ilnurse15
    Also, plenty of people applied to both Master's programs, so there is definitely a chance they could go to 9 on the waitlist!
  9. by   cerobbin
    I received a phone call on Monday from Sacramento SMU and was informed about my position on the waitlist. I am not sure when they notify for FNP but you could always shoot SMU an email and see their timeline. When I spoke with SMU, they said I was happy to call/email anytime to check for updates. I will let you know if I hear anything additional. Good luck with the FNP and ABSN. Who knows, me might even be in the ABSN program together this spring! :-)
  10. by   cerobbin
    Thanks for the positive words. I hope so!!! :-)
  11. by   cerobbin
    Arrrg! Someone recently sent me a private message asking for some additional information and I somehow managed to delete it! Please send me another message and I will get you the info you requested. Sorry for being such a bonehead!
    ~Chelsea :-D
  12. by   cerobbin
    I received your second message. Hooray!
    I am not able to reply to private messages from my account but if you shoot me a quick email to I will give you the contact into of who to talk to. The last time I mentiond the name of the person I spoke with on the public forum, I noticed it was deleted and that's why I didn't put it on this reply. Sorry it has to be so complicated!
    ~Chelsea :-)
  13. by   mhfp
    Yikes...So many posters with such good stats!!! I guess that is a good thing for the nursing profession. I just did a quick search and saw this posting..Looks like we will find out soon. I am not sure if I am ready to find out...Waiting is awful, but at the same time it means you haven't been rejected . My stats are as follows:

    Last 60 units: 3.65
    Science classes:3.71
    Teas: 86 overall
    Reading: 100

    I am hoping they find my background in social work useful...Will keep my fingers crossed for everyone! Good Luck...I am sure this board will be hoppin' in the next couple/few weeks!