Salary for New Grad LVN in CA

  1. I just got my lvn license and I have a interview soon. I would like to know how much does a New Grad LVN get paid in CA???

    ive tried searching but found nothing. If someone would be kind enough to help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

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  3. by   LadyinScrubs
    Where will you be working--SNF, long term, home health, private duty, doctor's office, clinic, urgent care, or? That information would help.
  4. by   JLOVES21
    The interview is for a home health job...and it's my first interview.
  5. by   TeleNurse22
    What will you be doing exactly? are you a field nurse? field nurses get paid per visit. Most of the LVN i know does wound care and really don't get paid that much for the work they do and time put in but its experience. LVN can't do open evaluations/ resumption of care/ discharge. An open evaluation (SOC- start of care) for new grad RN can be up to 50 bucks per vista and plus.. I do it on the side for extra money in OC. =)

    Quote from JLOVES21
    The interview is for a home health job...and it's my first interview.
  6. by   NickiLaughs
    Can you tell us what part of the state? Wages are literally double in some areas compared to others.
  7. by   TheCommuter
    Personally, I would take whatever rate of pay they are offering you. Since you are a new grad with no previous LVN experience, you do not really have any chips on which you can bargain for a higher wage.

    In addition, the local job markets for LVNs across most parts of California is atrocious at the present time. If you do not accept what the home health company is offering you, there will be 500+ unemployed LVN new grads who would be happy to accept the job without questioning anything.
  8. by   vintagemother
    I'd love it if someone could provide sample starting lvn salaries for northern ca, in the capital area. I've heard that some experienced lvn's make 35/hr at hospital, while some snf's pay in the teens to start. Is this true? I don't see many lvn job postings and I'm super curious about what snf's pay to start.
  9. by   hkrntobe
    I know New grad RN'S in southern CA that aren't making 35/hr right now and thats talking about 3 different hospitals in So Cal. There aren't that many RN jobs out there right now and it would seem that employers are taking advantage of this and Low Balling wages because they have so many people to choose from. Sorry for the bad news. Wish it was be better.
  10. by   lilmamastar
    Hi JLOVES21,

    Hope you got the job, and I was wondering how much they started you @?....Im in the same shoes right now I have an interview tomorrow