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Hello, I'm new to this board, and I'm desperate to get into a nursing program in orange county or la! I've been on the wait list for santa ana college since Oct08; started low 700s now moved to... Read More

  1. by   Apgar10
    A 3.45 at Saddleback will probably put you in the lottery group.
  2. by   aleena23
    hi guys i just want to ask , i am graduated from Philippines , how to compute my GPA? our grading system is by percentage. Thanks
  3. by   meri07
    Quote from Apgar10
    A 3.45 at Saddleback will probably put you in the lottery group.
    Hi Apgar10! thanks for your reply, i appreciated it. although my last semester gpa is 3.45, my science prereqs are 4.0. Im planning to apply next year (feb) for fall 2010, but im not sure if i will be able to get in to their program by fall 2010..
  4. by   Apgar10
    I missed that bit, so you do have a good shot... hopefully there aren't 100 more of you out there You should apply to Golden West too since it's in the area and a lottery school. You might get lucky and get a choice.
  5. by   meri07
    Im planning to apply in Golden West too, but i read from the previous thread that the instructors from the rn progam in golden west are quite scary. Is that true? and uhm.. do you know what color is their uniform? i just want to know.
  6. by   Apgar10
    I don't know about the instructors. Don't really care about that since getting in and getting done is the goal . I think GWC wears navy blue. I'm going to Cerritos starting in Spring and we have to wear WHITE. Ugh.
  7. by   Malefocker

    Did you get in to Saddleback... I am in the same situation as you are... Still waiting for my letter. 15 pts! Let me know!
  8. by   meri07
    i think i didn't get in.. their letter wass quite vague.. they didnt say that i didnt get in, but im on the 3rd selection pool. and they have an alternate list and 2nd pool.. they're advising me to take pharmacology and gerontology classes. i dont know if i should follow their advise or not.
  9. by   Malefocker

    Did you ever hear anything back from the school?
  10. by   meri07
    Quote from Malefocker

    Did you ever hear anything back from the school?
    no, they didn't contact me. Ive tried calling them, but no one's answering.
  11. by   Malefocker
    Did you get into any other programs?
  12. by   meri07
    Quote from Malefocker
    Did you get into any other programs?
    I only applied to Saddleback. I was suppose to apply in GWC, but on their website it said that only GWC or OCC students could apply for January. The rest who took the pre-requisite classes to other colleges could only apply this coming October. Im also planning to apply in Cypress. Anyway, have you taken pharmacology and gerontology in Saddleback?
  13. by   Malefocker

    I am actually living in San Diego right now moving up to the Irvine area in Sept. So I haven't taken Pharm. I have taken gerontology at San Diego City Colllege... Life span development I am hoping that it transfers. I plan on taking Pharm next semester and then reapplying next year since I don't have the Teas complete yet I can't apply in June. I am also applying to Cyprus, GWC. I am trying to keep my chin up I know it will all work out. It's crazy that all A's and one B doesn't get you into a community college. Anyway keep in touch, it's nice to know someone is going through the same situation as I am.