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  1. Hi everyone! Is anyone applying to Saddleback College's nursing program for spring 2018? I just calculated my points according to their multi-criteria sheet and I have the following:

    15 points - 2300 hours EMT work experience
    30 points - 4.0 science GPA
    25 points - TEAS score
    3 points - psychology 1
    3 points - math course
    3 points - speech course
    3 points - life experience

    82 points total

    What are my chances of being accepted? I won't be able to enroll in pharmacology or the life cycle courses before the deadline.
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  3. by   Ilikeletters
    Not applying but based on my knowledge (graduated last year), your chances are about 99.9 % Unless they have a crazy strong class, 75 or above will get you in!
  4. by   mrsmatt
    Hi lamienna! I'm also applying to Saddleback's program for spring 2018. I still can't believe the application date has almost arrived...I think with your total points you have an excellent chance of getting in. At least that's what my counselor told me when I checked in with him. Good luck to you!!
  5. by   futurernjen
    hey guys! I am also applying for spring 2018! Time is flyinggg! I was a little confused by the point system because almost all of the schools I've looked at take the cumulative GPA into account. It looks like saddleback only looks at the GPA of the science pre reqs and the GPA of specific classes, like English, psych, etc.... Is this correct? Also, does anyone know if the BOG covers any of the class fees? Anyway, so excited to go on this journey with everyone! Good luck to us all
  6. by   lamienna
    @Ilikeletters Thank you and congrats on graduating! What did you think of the program?
  7. by   lamienna
    @mrsmatt Thank you! Good luck to you as well

    @futurernjen The only GPA that matters is your science GPA. Other classes like English, psych, etc will get you some points but your grades aren't a factor so I assume you just need to pass. I think BOGFW will cover the unit fees for courses. Good luck to you!
  8. by   dreambig17
    Hi everyone! I'll also be applying to Saddleback's nursing program for Spring 2018. I have calculated my points to be 65. I think I'm on the lower side so it'll be interesting to see what happens. I've heard 70+ will make it in. Good luck to everyone!
  9. by   mrsmatt
    Application window opens in less than 24hrs! Soon we begin the countdown for letters of acceptance (fingers/toes crossed)! Hoping time flies between now and then. Good luck everyone!!
  10. by   wido
    Hello, I think you have a very good chance on getting accepted into the program. Last time I asked they said they take 70 and up and sometimes they go to high 60s. I have 70 points and I'm really nervous :-( if I don't get accepted this time, I will reapply and by that time I will have 88 points (I'm enrolled in pharmacology and lifecycle 1 and 2). Im thinking about retaking the TEAS to help with my overall score ( I scored less than expected in my first TEAS attempt). Good Luck to all of you future nurses :-)
  11. by   teamzepher
    Hi everyone...first time posting here but can't wait to meet everyone (hopefully). While I've also heard that above 70 is usually a good enough score, I'm going to be worried until I get that letter. Just turned in my application on Friday with 84 points. I can't wait to start on this journey; let the waiting game begin!
  12. by   tttlt
    Hi everyone! The waiting game begins....(so nervous!)

    I just submitted my application and I have exactly 70 points. I also heard 70+ is normally the "safe zone" from two counselors at Saddleback, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high haha. You guys all have amazing scores! Best of luck everybody!
  13. by   Brhodes3
    Hey Everyone,
    I also applied to Saddleback's program for the spring 2018 semester. I believe I earned 72 points. Before I applied, I went and spoke to one of the nursing program counselors and they said generally 70+ is the "safe" zone and high 60's is still competitive.
    I was also wondering if anybody knew whether or not blood donations are considered "direct patient care" in regards to the volunteer work. I volunteered about 250 hours at Saddleback Memorial hospital in the ER and Cardiac Unit, but about 50 of those hours were earned via blood donations.

    Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone who is applying.
  14. by   MusicEMT
    I also applied! If I calculated my points correctly, I have 72 points. I also have heard 70+ points is pretty much a guarantee. So hopefully that will be true

    Question though: does anyone know when the paperwork and stuff will happen after we find out? I am planning on going to vacation around December 14th- Jan 6th. I just hope Ill be able to get everything done before i leave