SAC STATE Spring 2013

  1. Hey who is all applying for Sac State's Spring 2013 program??!
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  3. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    It's not for certain, but I'm hoping I will be applying for spring 2013. I'm on the wait list for anatomy for this summer, and if I don't get in I won't be able to apply. But if I do get into the class, I'll be applying and waiting right along with you =)
  4. by   Achase4848
    I am applying!!! I just decided I would go for spring tonight. I am applying to USF's spring program as well so I thought Id give myself options. Did you calculate your points yet? Have you taken your TEAS? It looks like last spring the point cut off was 62 points...not bad at all! Whats your stats? Where are you from? I live in Concord and go to DVC community college. If I get accepted I will just commute. 1.5 hour drive but it will be worth it since the program is only 2 years long!
  5. by   smokeybear
    Great! I hope you get into that anatomy class. The point cut off for this fall 2012 is at 65 currently. I applied but am on the wait list so I have just accepted that I will just have to reapply for next spring. I am a current sac state student and most likely will commute from Folsom for the first semester but depending how that goes I may just move down there in sac. Wow that is going to be quite the commute from concord! I guess I can't complain about my commute then haha. I will have 77 points hopefully for the spring. I got way more points from my gpa this term so I'm happy about that. What year are you all in and what schools? I was thinking about applying to usf as well but I'm not sure if I want to go through with the 3 year program as opposed to the 2 year one at sac state.
  6. by   soyboy
    I am looking at all options, including the ASBSN program at Sac State. What has everyone heard regarding the quality of that program? The cost (compared to community college programs) is a concern for me, but I don't mind paying for quality. Any insights from others is much appreciated! I'm taking Stats next month in order to apply in Feb. Good luck everyone.
  7. by   scwolf
    I am also considering both options, the "traditional" and the ASBSN. I attended the info session last month for the ASBSN and it was pretty inspiring. It sounds very intense. I don't have kids but, if I did, I think I would only do the Traditional program. The woman kept saying, "We own you!" I live in Santa Cruz now so I will definitely be moving to Sacramento, if I'm accepted.

    Smokeybear, 77 points is great. I seem to only come up with 69. I'm trying to think of a way I can manage to re-take Chem (my B grade) but I don't think I can squeeze it in.

    Does anyone happen to know whether one English & Critical Thinking (combined) class can meet BOTH of those pre-reqs or if I need 2 separate classes? I've been emailing and trying to sort it out but no luck yet.

    Good luck to you all.
  8. by   foolie
    Hello all,

    I will be applying for this program as well for Spring 2013 admission. For those who may be unaware, Sac State is not allowing any transfers or second bachelors to apply to the program in Spring, limiting applications only to continuing sac state students (you must be enrolled currently at CSUS and taking some classes this fall semester). They will open up applications again for Fall 2013 to all. Because of this, many expect the point cutoff to drop for the Spring but nothing is guaranteed. I think anyone with over 65 points should be safe though, so for scwolf & smokeybear, you should be fine... but yes you'd have to be a currently enrolled student at sac state.

    Quote from CSUS Nursing:

    "Due to the state budget crisis, University admission is closed for the spring 2013 term. Only active, continuing Sac State students will be considered for admission to the spring 2013 Traditional, Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. This will be a great opportunity for Sac State students! We are anticipating fewer applications, and we encourage all eligible Sac State students to apply. We regret, since University admission is closed to all student classifications, there is no exception for Second Bachelors. We encourage transfer students and Second Bachelors to check back on our website for news regarding fall 2013 admission on October 1."

    source: Traditional
  9. by   scwolf
    Thanks for the update, foolie. I did see that. It's great for the students already at Sac State! Not so much for me. I plan to apply to the ASBSN. Fingers crossed that they continue that program.
  10. by   crebs
    I just applied for Spring 2013 today. Lets all keep in touch and let each other know when we get acceptance notifications!
  11. by   sacnurse
    I am turning my application in on Monday!
  12. by   dreambig2015
    Good luck to everyone! Keep us posted
  13. by   crebs
    Who here is in the program???
  14. by   alam

    I'm a current Sac State student and I got in! Wooohoo!

    Who else got in?