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  1. by   saxuhmuhphone
    The nursing sourcepage is up on SacCT!
  2. by   PeaceLoveHapp3ness
    Has anyone been able to find the syllabus for the classes on the sourcepage? Also, for the tests that are online, when are those due? Are those the ones due on the first day of class?
  3. by   Sukashu
    I have not seen any syllabi. On the SacCT page there was a post with more info about the tests that are due. You may have already seen that, but I figured I'd make sure.
  4. by   doctormomof3
    Hi everyone, I just found out yesterday I got in to the program!!! I don't know what section I'm in just yet but was advised to check the orientation site daily until I see my name listed. I'm so excited!!! I was wondering if any of you have ordered your uniforms yet and if you had tried on a sample uniform at the school beforehand? I want to order mine but noticed the sizes might not be what we think so I don't want to order the wrong size. I'm 5'1" about 145 lbs....anyone here about the same size? Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at orientation!
  5. by   xaireel
    hey! congratulations!!!!! i have ordered mine already and i tried on the sample uniforms so i wasnt so stressed about my order not fitting. can't wait to meet you!!!!!
  6. by   kaiamc
    Yay! Thats wonderful news! Congrats! If you are concerned about the way the uniforms will fit try some on @ the nursing department. They are very accommodating. So happy for you!
  7. by   doctormomof3
    Thank you! I'm going tomorrow to turn in all my paperwork and try on the uniforms. I still get the butterflies thinking I got in! I look forward to meeting you all at orientation!
  8. by   Stephenee
    doctormomof3 congrats!!! i was also concerned about my size so i tried it on before hand. i am 5'1 120-125 but have larger hips and butt. i ordered a size small and it fits comfortably. hope this helps
  9. by   student4568
    doctormomof3, how far in advance would you say you received the acceptance email before the csus website updated their number? I'm so so close. Because I wonder if she sends out acceptance emails as people drop/decline or if she waits for a few before sending out emails at once. If anyone has any input...I remember her saying at the info session that she can even be adding students up until the first week of class?? Of course knowing sooner would be better but waiting to find out my fate is so hard.
  10. by   lakerfan510
    congrats to those of who got in! to those of you who got from the alternate list: what were your stats?
  11. by   doctormomof3
    student4568, the website alt list was updated about 2 or 3 days after they phoned me to let me know they had an open seat for me. I was alt #41. From what I understand, there were 5 seats that opened up, although I have no idea how closely they opened up before calls were made to alternates. I know they keep the list open until the end of the first week because they can still get openings at that stage of the game. To make life a little easier on yourself in case you get the call close to the start of the semester, do the following:

    1. Get your CPR certification completed. Make sure it is the CPR/AED for PROFESSIONAL RESPONDERS. I made the mistake of getting certified for lay responders so now I'm having to take the right class in order to meet the requirement. Oh well, more practice!

    2. Make sure you have your vaccinations in completed...if you can't find your vaccination card, have your doctor order titers for the vaccinations that need to be met. Don't put it off!

    3. Get your 2-Step TB test done. Make sure its the 2-step test....this is required for health professionals/nursing schools.

    4. Get your car insurance, health insurance info together.

    All this paperwork will need to be uploaded to a website that manages the background checks, immunization info, and other requirements. I hope this helps! Best wishes to you on getting the call even if it comes in the 11th hour! Hang in there!!!
  12. by   student4568
    doctormomof3, Lots of great info. thank you. Congratulations by the way!
  13. by   doctormomof3
    Thank you! Best wishes to you!