RN wages in San Diego

  1. Hi everyone I recently moved to San Diego and have started my job search. Today I was called for an interview and during the conversation the manager asked what sort of wage I was looking for. I was surprised because I have never worked in a hospital where the wage was up for grabs. Most are union. So I am wondering what is the average pay for a RN nurse of 8 years, what am I worth in San Diego?
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  3. by   chuck1234
    65k a year should be reasonable...this is what I get in New York City!
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  4. by   suzanne4
    Thread moved to California forum where you will get quicker responses.
  5. by   cracker
    Hi Yah,
    I just moved from San Diego. I worked as RN with Sharp healthcare, I worked there 1st as a traveller in the ER - pay was good $ 32 an hour plus $4 on nights.
    I also signed on with the hospital, for nights they ofter $10 000 sign on bonus for 2 year contract, or $3000 sign on for night shift. As staff the pay was $36 hour plus $4 for night shift. I have 13 years experience.
  6. by   Snowlite
    How much is it for starting new graduates BSN RN? in san diego?
  7. by   Leilah75_RN
    roughly 30-35/hr for 8 years ++ experience plus night differential of $4 for BSN grad.
  8. by   puresass
    Quote from Snowlite
    How much is it for starting new graduates BSN RN? in san diego?
    at sharp, they're paying $27.55 - $28.61 for new grads.
  9. by   Leilah75_RN
    scripps mercy is $29/hr for new grad
  10. by   Snowlite
    Thanks so much for all the replies. If starting RN pays about 28/hr. do you think i will survive with the cost of living in SD? I am planning to move out there but I dont know if I will make it.
  11. by   Leilah75_RN
    single? you will do fine. married with 1 source of income, very difficult!
  12. by   NurseJewels
    Important to note that within the Scripps Healthcare system, some hospitals, not all, have a pay differential based on your degree (e.g. ADN, BSN, MSN.) It's not much but I guess good to keep in mind. I can't really speak towards the Sharp system or Palomar.

    I would say the average pay for most of my fellow new grads and myself has been $29-35 per hour. And like someone else said, if you're single without kids it is more than enough to live on in San Diego.
  13. by   Leilah75_RN
    BSN-RN with 8 years of experience $36/hr plus $4 night shift differential @ sharp. Hope this helps.