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Hi everyone, I currently go to Mt. Sac at the moment and will finish all my ADN pre-requistes for Rio Hondo this summer. As for the selection criteria they use overall, I feel that my application... Read More

  1. by   sandybaz
    I got my letter at the end of october. the letter said that if accept our spot we need to take our teas this tues. on the 13. but if people don't pass I think they are going to call the second runner ups
  2. by   sandybaz
    did no one try for rio hondo? now i feel like im going to take the teas by myself...
  3. by   George_Y
    Sandybaaz: so you've already been accepted to Rio Hondo? why would they tell me I would recieve my letter mid-November?
  4. by   sandybaz
    just to make sure we're talking about the same thing... its the ADN program at rio hondo college right? but yea i got mine around halloween. they said i had until the 9th to accept and if i didn't then my application would get discarded. i also have to show up tues. for my teas..... i didn't think i had to take it so soon ... so i'm not prepared at all.
  5. by   George_Y
    Yes the ADN at Rio Hondo. Congrats on your acceptance..Do you think they've notified everyone who got accepted? or are they still undergoing the selection process? I feel like I still have a chance. what were your stats when you applied btw?
  6. by   sandybaz
    Thank you! I'm not completely sure what you mean by my stats... but if you mean grade.. I got A's in all the science preqs. and overall gpa was 3.53. I also got points for volunteer work, MA cert. and I wrote that paper thing to try and get the special circumstances point. No I don't think they have notified everyone. They are probably trying to see who is serious about the program because they could decide to go to another school. The location for the teas doesn't seem large enough take have everyone test at the same time as well. I would only worry if you received a rejection letter. Good luck though!
  7. by   cheezhead
    Hi all,
    I recently got accepted into Rio Hondo's spring semeseter ADN program as an alternate with B's in all my science classes, a 3.0 GPA, and about 8 months experience as a CNA. I don't speak a second language, but I do have an Associates degree in Health Sciences. I hope this gives encouragement to those who are looking at getting into the program.
  8. by   sandybaz
    Hi, my friend is trying to get in to the program and shes worried that she has no chance because of her science grades. she got a c in anatomy and b in physio and a b in micro. she has volunteer experience and an associates and a cna licence but hasnt used it for work experience yet. shes is bilingual and is a single mother (for the special circumstances points). in your opinion does she still have a chance to get in? Thank you in advance for your help!
  9. by   Davidz0rs

    So originally, I was very very low in the alternate list. However, they told me to keep calling because people can either decide other schools, not pass the teas test, or not meet the deadline on time. Months have passed and I did not give up. As a result, as of today Dec 19, I received a call from them saying that I am in provisionally! Basically, I need to pass the teas test on Jan 3rd.

    Stats: Bachelors in Sociology (3.3 UC Irvine), A in Micro, B in Anatomy, and B in Physiology. No volunteering experience or second language. However, I did have low income and other little things checked…I don't remember what though. Bottom line - Never give up!.
  10. by   SquishyRN
  11. by   jeli42
    Continuing this thread for applicants who are starting to apply for Fall 2013. Would love to know everyone's stats... Also, does anyone know how many points are given in each category (Science GPA, Overall GPA, experience, etc)? Thanks!
  12. by   jiimmmyyyy
    hey guys! happy new years and good luck to everybody! i was wondering how would this look for an application
    B's in all science prereqs. 3.2 cumulative gpa
    3 months of CNA experience 200+ hours of experience
    Low Income Family - A personal statement showing how rough my life was when I was younger.
    First Generation College Student
    I took 3 years of spanish in high school. (Does that count as a point for the bilingual section?)
    Thank you!
  13. by   jeli42
    Hi jiimmmyyyy,

    I saw someone on a previous post that has similar stats to you and he/she got in with all B's. She had two health certificates though (CNA and EMT) and an A.A. so I'm not sure how many points extra they got for that. Unfortunately I don't think Spanish in high school counts unless you passed the AP test (I could be wrong). Good luck!!