RCC Fall 2009 - page 7

any one starting yet? i havent received my letter yet...... i received SBVC and it will be a year wait... but i also applied at RCC..... i was firsy priority on their list so we'll see how that goes... Read More

  1. by   lrobinson5
    I live in Moreno Valley but have always attended Riverside Community College's Riverside campus. I wasn't able to apply to any of the CSU's in the area so the only place I applied was RCC, which was probably where my big mistake was. As far as official notice, still haven't heard anything at all from RCC. I really hope that a lot of the people that applied from Northern California will decide not to come to RCC so you can get in this semester rather than having to wait. Best of luck to you, and let me know if you get in
  2. by   blueteam
    RCC is 26 miles one way for me.

    I wonder how many alternates (alt) are there. I read in a form that they took all mtsac's alt. I still haven't receive an official snail letter from RCC. Well, I have a friend who also applied to RCC. SHe didn't get anything...so maybe she got denied? IDK. I agree, that is messed up that you have to find out from students whether you are denied, alt or accepted.
  3. by   Disturbedcat
    Wow! Congrats to those that got accepted! RCC is a wonderful program. Just be ready for a wild ride. And to those that didn't get accepted make sure and ask why. Also becoming a CNA really helps your chances.