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any one starting yet? i havent received my letter yet...... i received SBVC and it will be a year wait... but i also applied at RCC..... i was firsy priority on their list so we'll see how that goes... Read More

  1. by   AloeBlox
  2. by   lrobinson5
    Oh man now I'm nervous, I will get my letter tomorrow if you just got yours :P

    Congratulations!!!!! Hopefully you can say the same for me tomorrow.
  3. by   hulk123
    My friend and I got it via email check your email good luck hope you get in
  4. by   lrobinson5
    So still no word from RCC... I am wondering if I should go in and ask, or maybe just try to wait longer. They will at least let you know if you didn't make it in right? I hate the not knowing more than I would bad news. What do you think? Do you know of many other people that have received notification? Has it all come in through email?
  5. by   hulk123
    Well I only know my friend and I who got the email. I called today to accept the spot and they said I have to send in the acceptance form by hand that they mailed today so I still didn't get it. So don't lose hope just wait until tomorrow. Best of luck to you.
  6. by   hulk123
    I went to the nursing department today and theyvsaid there was 700 applicants and they only took 80 . Wow
  7. by   lrobinson5
    I talked with the enrollment technician and he said that they should have all the letters sent out by tomorrow, so hopefully I get good news in the mail by Monday -_-
  8. by   hulk123
    Robinson: hopefully you get in. I turned my acceptance letter in today though because it is due tomorrow . Crossing my fingers for you.
  9. by   blueteam
    Gmart, congrads! You have 80 pts right? I did too but I just received an email today at 3pm saying I am an alternative. I have to apply by email on Dec 14 and attend the meeting on the 17th.

    I figured they send out letters of acceptance to ppl who are admitted? and they have to hand deliver it? As for an alternative like me, I have to reply via email and just show up hoping someone will drop. I may get a spot..may!

    Ok now....QUESTION. If you also have 80pts, how come I didn't get in? I wonder where they draw the line. Maybe they draw it down the the TEAS ( I got 84), GPA (3.5) to the dot...

    Well, I am okay with an alternative. I hope to get into Mtsac though. But I am very happy I am on the alt. list because think about it. It is 11.4 % chance of getting in and its competition. GOOD JOB people!

    I'll attend the meeting.
  10. by   lrobinson5
    Thanks for your kind words but I think it's pretty clear that I haven't even made it as an alternate... I was just hanging on to some hope that maybe they didn't send the email and were instead going to send a letter.

    Best of luck to you though! Congrats on getting in out of 700, don't know if I'm going to wait until Fall or what, but maybe I'll remember to update you :P
  11. by   blueteam
    Opps, I meant alternate not alternative.

    LRob- You had 75 pts right? That is pretty darn close. I guess the cutt off / alt was at 80pts. but hopefully whoever is in the program will tell us how many points they have. Sorry to hear that you didn't make it. As for me, I have mixed feelings about RCC. bla!
  12. by   lrobinson5
    I just don't know what to do now... It's not like it will be any better next semester. I don't think I should wait around, but at the same time I can't afford private schools and at this rate I'll barely be able to afford going to a UC or CSU. I really wish the budget wasn't totally ******* things up for all college students, as well as hopeful nursing students.

    The only thing that is ******* me off about RCC is that they didn't send out the denial letters sooner. I think it is pretty messed up to hear you didn't make it from other people rather than the institution itself.
  13. by   blueteam

    Wait, did you get the official mail/email? That sucks...we had the same science GPA, you had a higher TEAS but I think what made me in their alt list was my B.S. degree or my foreign language 13 yrs ago from HS. You should apply again bc they already have your transcript and I believe they toss it out after a year and also you have a very good teas score. I think 80pts / 3.5 gpa was the cutt off, seems like it. I am just at that mark. I wonder how many people from the alt list from any school get in. LRob- try again bc the avg wait list for schools are about 1.5-2 yrs right? Too bad you can't make up any classes bc you've been done with the makeup by now. What other school have you applied to and what city are you from?